Burnside 19 Year Old

CHF 180.00
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It is quite rare to find an independent bottling from the Balvenie distillery. Here is one, or almost, because behind the name Burnside hides a vatted malt composed with 99% of the Balvenie distillery and 1% of its big sister distillery, Glenfiddich. This small modification takes place before bottling and allows Balvenie to protect its brand. Before the vatting and bottling in 2015, this whisky distilled in 1996 is aged in a unique hogshead for 19 years from which 313 bottles resulted. The woody touch and a not too long finish will appeal to some.


Flavour palette:

Céréales  Noisettes  Caramel


Content: 70 cl

Strength: 53.9%