Wolfburn Gessner 2

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This single malt pays tribute to the work of Conrad Gessner (1516-1565), a famous Swiss naturalist who inspired the image of the distillery for its logo with the "sea wolf". Myth or reality, this sea-wolf remains a mystery. This second Gessner expression is an exclusivity for Switzerland, a limited edition of 1,410 bottles. A selection of three casks compose it. A second fill sherry butt of 610 litres in which the whisky has matured for 5 years and 9 months, a first fill Sherry Hogshead Pedro Ximenez in which the whisky has matured for 4 and a half years and a second fill Quarter Cask ex-Laphroaig in which the whisky has matured for 4 years and 9 months. The latter gives a light touch of peat at 10 ppm. Thanks to Alex for this fine selection.

Flavour palette: 

Raisins secs  Oranges  Poivre noir

Content: 70 cl

Strength: 55%