Dailuaine 28 Year Old

Dailuaine 28 Year Old

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We can trust the small pagoda roof to find a distillery in Scotland, the distillery Dailuaine was the first to be equipped with this revolution. Owned by Diageo group, the distillery remains discreet and practically all of its important production goes into the elaboration of blends, including Johnnie Walker. There are only few officials bottling of the distillery and to find a single malt you have to turn to independent bottlers. This pleasant fruity whisky is matured in a refill butt and bottled as it is, without reduction. Distilled in 1986, bottled in 2015. Limited to 132 bottles.


Flavour palette: 

Pommes  Fruits rouges  Citrons


Content: 70 cl

Strength: 49.2%