The Whisky Warehouse No. 8

After many years of experience in the whisky market, this Hamburg couple launched their own collection in 2007. The Whisky Warehouse No. 8 is a unique selection of casks matured in distillery warehouses.


Braon Peat Batch 7
Bottled on 15th April 2019 at cask strength, with its natural colour and without chill-filtration,..
Breaval 25 Year Old
Breaval is a quite young distillery that started its activity in 1973. Until 1994 it was called Br..
Deanston 16 Year Old
Long before being a distillery, Deanston's red brick building housed a cotton mill. A revolutionar..
Glen Moray 16 Year Old
A whisky that guides us directly to a palette of spices, with a powerful start that gradually fade..
Inchfad 14 Year Old
Under the name Inchfad, you will find a heavily peated profile of the Loch Lomond Distillery, a si..
Ledaig 9 Year Old
A whisky elaborated on the island of Mull at Tobermory Distillery. On the nose, its strength in al..
Ledaig 9 Year Old
A whisky elaborate on the island of Mull at Tobermory Distillery. A well done peated whisky with a..
Linkwood 15 Year Old
Linkwood Distillery has built a solid reputation as a blending component of Johnnie Walker and Whi..
Longmorn 22 Year Old
This 22 year old Longmorn was finished in a 125 litre Pedro Ximenez cask. The result gives a winey..
Strathmill 26 Year Old
The official bottlings of the distillery are almost nonexistant and limited to one or two expressi..
Tormore 19 Year Old
Much of the distillery's production goes into blends, including Long John. To find a bottle of mor..