At its best times, this beautiful peninsula between the isles of Jura and Islay to West and the isle of Arran to the East counted more than 25 distilleries. World War I, the probihition in the USA and the closing of the coal mines unfortunately contributed to the decline of this activity, today there are only 3 active distilleries left in this region - all very fine ones. Don't miss out on them!


Glen Scotia 1991
A whisky of the Wilson & Morgan selection that can be approached very easily and that reveals the ..
Glen Scotia 23 Year Old
For a 23 year old whisky aged in sherry hogshead barrel of first filling and bottled without reduc..
Glen Scotia Victoriana
This Glen Scotia Victoriana is intended to represent the typical whiskies of the Campbeltown area ..
Hazelburn 12 Year Old
Hazelburn represents the unpeated range of the Springbank Distillery. Distilled three times (typic..
Hazelburn 13 Year Old - Sherry Wood
Hazelburn represents the unpeated range of the Springbank distillery but also a unique style with ..
Kilkerran 12 Year Old
After the reopening of the distillery in 2004 and after the series "Work in Progress", it’s in 201..
Kilkerran 8 Year Old
This Kilkerran 8-year-old, bottled without reduction, delivers us the typical taste of a whisky fr..
Longrow 18 Year Old
Since 1973 Longrow represents the peated whiskies of the Springbank distillery. This 18 year old i..
Springbank 10 Year Old
Showcase of the Springbank distillery, this single malt is also typical of the Campbeltown area. A..
Springbank 15 Year Old
The Springbank Distillery is a must for any whisky lover, especially when looking for authenticity..
Springbank 17 Year Old
Once again, the Springbank distillery unveils its know-how through this 17-year-old aged in sherry..
Springbank 18 Year Old
The Springbank Distillery is a must for any whisky lovers, especially when looking for authenticit..
Springbank 21 Year Old
The Springbank distillery is once again showing us its artisanal know-how with this whisky of incr..